• Albania: Accusations Fly Following Mayor's Resignation

    Major Albanian political parties are once again in a heated scuffle as the implementation of a decriminalization law – passed with the goal of removing those with criminal convictions from holding public office – has already resulted in the resignation of a ruling party city mayor this week.

  • Albania: Eggs Fly in Parliament Over Controversial Lawmaker

    Opposition lawmakers in Albania tried to stop a Parliamentary session Thursday by throwing eggs at Prime Minister Edi Rama, angered by the return of a lawmaker who had been involved in an armed conflict  in his hometown, Lac, in early September 2015.

  • Albanian Parliament to Vote on Decriminalizing Politics

    Next month, Albanian members of Parliament (MPs) will vote on a proposed law to exclude people with criminal convictions from holding public office, according to the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN).

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