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  • Croatian, Serbian Police Arrest Suspected Drug Lords

    Croatian police arrested 10 people suspected of being part of a violent criminal network that brought cocaine from South America to Europe. Simultaneously, police in neighboring Serbia again arrested Serbian cocaine king Darko Šarić, who appears to have been cooperating with the group in Croatia.

  • Croatian Police Arrests a Minister Suspected of Abuse of Office

    A Croatian court ordered a one-month detention for the country’s former construction minister who has been accused of illegally distributing 2.6 million kuna (US$392,000) in grants to entrepreneurs from ethnic minorities who did not qualify for subsidies.

  • Croatian Police Seize Record Load of Drugs

    Croatian police reported Tuesday that they have confiscated a record amount of drugs — roughly 62 kilos of cocaine and 220 kilograms of heroin — in the country’s southern port of Ploče in two separate operations in October and November.

  • Secret Offshore Loans Funded Private Croatian Island Resort

    In 2009, a man known as “Putin’s masseur” bought a luxury villa on a Croatian island. The Pandora Papers show that behind the scenes a former Russian energy minister was playing a key role.


  • A Tale of Two Brothers and A Croatian Island

    For years, Croatians have been in the dark about who owns a major company called Jadranka, the leading tourism developer on the Adriatic island of Lošinj. New documents reveal it to be controlled by the family of Mihajlo Perenčević, president of the Russian pipeline constructor Velesstroy.


  • Graft Whistleblower Released from Croatia Returns Home to UK

    A whistleblower, who exposed corruption unfolding beneath the surface of a global oil company, touched down in his hometown of Southampton on Tuesday after being detained in Croatia for over a year on an Interpol Red Notice issued after the company sued him.

  • Croatian Anti-Corruption Police Arrest Head of State TV

    Several close associates of Zagreb’s former mayor, including the head of the state media HRT, were arrested in Croatia on suspicion of corruption, bribery and abuse of power.

  • Report: Corruption in Croatia Makes People Leave

    Corruption is rising in Croatia, as is the number of people leaving the country and the two trends are connected, says a new report released to the Croatian media this week and shared with OCCRP on Wednesday.

  • Officials Say Croatian Port Appears to be New Entry Point for Drugs

    Croatian police confiscated nearly 600 kilograms of cocaine concealed in a shipment of bananas that arrived from South America to the Adriatic port of Ploče. Officials say that with increased controls in ports in Western and Northern Europe, organized crime seems to be looking for alternative routs in the south of the continent.

  • Hungarian Police Dismantles €8.2 Million ‘Carousel Fraud’ Scheme

    Hungarian authorities said they dismantled an organized crime group believed to have deprived the Hungarian budget of more than 8.2 million euros (cca. US$9.6 million) in unpaid taxes using a sophisticated and intricate value-added tax fraud mechanism known as ‘carousel fraud.'

  • Croatia’s Ex-PM Sentenced to 8 Years in Jail for Embezzlement

    A Croatian courtsentenced on Friday the country’s former Prime MinisterIvo Sanader to eight years in prison for syphoning state-owned assets through a private marketing company, keeping some of it for himself and putting the rest into his party’s secret slush fund while he was in office.

  • Pakistan Signs Illegal Migrants Repatriation Deal with Bosnia

    Pakistan and Bosnia and Herzegovina’s officials on Wednesday signed in Islamabad an agreement that allows the Balkan country to send back home thousands of illegal Pakistani migrants that got stuck there on their way to western Europe.

  • Spanish Police Seize Croatian Sailboat Full of Cocaine

    Spanish police arrested three Croatian nationals when they intercepted their sailboat in the Spanish waters near La Palma carrying a total of 980 packages or nearly a ton of high-quality cocaine,Guardia Civil said in a statement on Saturday.

  • Croatia: Police Dog Johnny Sniffs Out Cocaine Worth $2.5 Million

    Croatian authorities seized on Saturday nearly 25 kilograms of cocaine after a police dog sniffed the drugs out during a routine traffic control near the southern coastal city of Ploče. The drugs have an estimated street value of HRK17 million (US$2.5 million),police said.

  • European Companies Importing Illicit Wood for Superyachts

    A recent probe by an international environmental watchdog has found that European companies are importing possibly illegal shipments of teak - a highly valuable wood much sought after for the building of luxury yachts.

  • Migrant Smuggling: Rescues and Arrests in Europe

    Just weeks after organised crime experts warned of an uptick in human smuggling amid the pandemic, European authorities have in the last 48 hours arrested more than 30 alleged human smugglers, with a UN agency reporting that almost 500 migrants had been rescued in the Mediterranean and returned to Libya.

  • Gang Rents Bulldozers in Germany, Then Sells them Abroad

    An inventive gang has over the past few years developed a lucrative, illegal business: they rent bulldozers and similar machines from construction companies in Germany and sell them to construction companies in other EU countries.

  • Unreal Estate

    How the inner circle of a prominent Croatian businessman received Russian money for fake real-estate deals.

  • Croatian Court: 6 Years for Ex-PM for Graft, 2 for Hungarian CEO

    A court in Zagreb sentenced on Monday Croatian former Prime Minister Ivo Sanader to six years and the CEO and chairman of Hungarian energy group MOL to two in prison in a new chapter of a corruption case that has been dragged through Croatia’s courts for a decade,Reuters reported.

  • Croatian Police Busts Network of Document Forgers

    Croatianpolice arrested on Wednesday 23 people, including police officials, suspected of being members of an organized crime group that forged documents. Media reports that the beneficiaries were members of two notorious mafia organizations from Serbia and Montenegro.

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