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central asia

  • ‘We Ask God for Peace’: Western Sanctions on Russia Strike Central Asian Labor Migrants

    For years, Russia’s big cities have been a source of employment and income for the people of Central Asia and the Caucasus. Now, as sanctions undermine the Russian economy, they and their families will also feel the pinch.

    “Rysbek,Rysbek, a labor migrant from Kyrgyzstan, makes deliveries for a supermarket chain in Moscow. Due to Western sanctions on Russia, he and many of his colleagues may lose their jobs. (Credit: OCCRP)

  • Kyrgyzstan Rejects Links to Money Laundering Allegations

    Kyrgyz lawmakers approved a report that was put together by a parliamentary commission which concluded that the government had nothing to do with the multi-million dollar corruption and money laundering scheme alleged last November by journalists.

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