bill browder

  • Cyprus Blocks Sanctions Against Belarus as Some Question its Motives

    Cyprus blocked an EU decision to sanction individuals suspected of election fraud and the violent crackdown against protesters in Belarus, demanding that policymakers first take action against Turkey over an unrelated territorial dispute.

  • Kremlin Critic Accuses Nordea Bank of Money Laundering

    A Kremlin critic filed a criminal complaint last week urging Swedish authorities to investigate hundreds of accounts with a Scandinavian bank that may hold US$175 million linked to a $230 million Russiantax fraud scheme.

  • Kremlin Critic Takes Aim at Danske Bank

    Bill Browder, an American-born financier turned prominent human rights activist and Kremlin-critic, called on prosecutors in Estonia last week to investigate the country’s branch of Danske Bank for allegedly laundering billions in Russian money.

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