Beirut port blast

  • Beirut Blast Victims File Lawsuit in U.S.

    Victims of Beirut’s deadly 2020 port blast have filed a quarter-billion-dollar lawsuit in Texas which blames a U.K.-based company for the devastation that killed more than 230 people and left 300,000 homeless.

  • Beirut Blast Survivors, Victims Ask UN for Help with Probe

    Survivors and victims of last year’s deadly blast in Beirut’s port joined rights groups on Wednesday to urge the United Nations Human Rights Council to establish an “independent, impartial, prompt, thorough, effective, reliable, and transparent” investigative mission into the Aug. 4 explosion that killed at least 218 people.

  • Ownership of Chemicals that Exploded at Beirut Port Traces Back to Ukraine

    A year after a massive shipment of ammonium nitrate exploded in Beirut, an OCCRP investigation has settled one of the biggest lingering questions: who actually owned the cargo. A trail of documents reveals a decades-old chemical-trading network controlled by Ukrainians, hidden behind a veil of proxies and shell firms.


  • Amnesty Calls on Lebanon to Lift Immunity On Officials in Beirut Blast Probe

    Lebanese police used on Wednesday tear gas and batons against protesters, mainly relatives of the victims of last year’s fatal Beirut port explosion, who demanded that justice take its course and Amnesty International called on authorities to “immediately” lift all immunities protecting the officials suspected of being linked to the blast.

  • HRW Slams Lebanon’s Probe into Beirut Blast

    NGO Human Rights Watch on Wednesday called for an international investigation into the port explosion that devastated the Lebanese capital of Beirut last August, saying that the existing domestic probe has so far failed to deliver justice for the families of 204 people killed in the blast.

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