Aleksandar Vucic

  • Serbia’s Pro-Government Tabloids Again Target Independent KRIK

    Pro-government tabloids in Serbia launched on Friday a smear campaign against independent investigative outlet KRIK after it published transcripts from the prosecutor's questioning of the suspected leader of a brutal criminal group who claimed the country’s President Aleksandar Vucic repeatedly asked him for favors.

  • KRIK Faces Pro-Government Tabloid Smear Campaign

    Serbia’s pro-government media launched a coordinated smear campaign against reporters of the investigative outlet KRIK on Tuesday, linking them to a recently arrested crime boss the same reporters investigated and determined to have frequently socialized with the president’s son.

  • Serbian President Pledges to “Fight the Lies” About His Son

    After reporters again caught his son in company of alleged members of a drug trafficking clan, Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić hinted on Friday that journalists were painting a target on his son’s forehead but that he will fight with all the strength he has and “defeat their lies.”

  • KRIK: Serbian President’s Son Again in Company of Mafia Suspects

    Following a tip from a reader, a reporter from OCCRP’s Serbian partnerKRIK managed on Wednesday evening to take a photo of the son of Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić in company with organized crime figures, adding proof to previous allegations about Danilo Vučić’s connections with the underworld.

  • OCCRP Investigation Sparks Uproar Among Serbian Officials

    Reacting to an investigation into criminal gangs, Serbian pro-government tabloids on Wednesday unleashed a barrage of coverage echoing statements from political leaders who accused journalists of targeting the president’s son on behalf of the opposition. 

  • COVID-19 Kills Serbia’s Alleged Drug Lord

    A controversial businessman known as ‘Serbian Al Capone’ and considered the region’s top narco-boss died in a Belgrade hospital on Sunday after suffering from respiratory complications caused by COVID-19, Serbian investigative outletKRIK reported.

  • UAE: Reporter’s Ouster Marks Anti-corruption Conference

    Journalists and political leaders on Wednesday criticized the Serbian government and said the United Arab Emirates (UAE) made a “mockery” of an international anti-corruption conference by deporting Serbian investigative journalist Stevan Dojcinovic before he could speak.

  • Serbia Investigates alleged Serbian-Russian Spy Connection

    Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has ordered the country’s Military Security Agency (VBA) to open an investigation shortly after a video was released this week showing an alleged Russian spy bribing a Serbian identified as a “Serbian high-positioned agent,”Serbian media reported.

  • New Report Shows Democratic Backsliding in the Balkans

    Iron-fisted rulers are undermining state institutions and freedom of expression in the Western Balkans claims a report published on Wednesday by human rights watchdog Freedom House

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