SecureDrop at OCCRP

What is SecureDrop?

SecureDrop is a secure, encrypted system that allows anyone to send information and documents to OCCRP journalists. It relies on Tor anonymity software to protect the sender’s identity and location by masking computer IP addresses. The SecureDrop servers are under the physical control of OCCRP and submitted content is decrypted with a computer that is not connected to the internet.

How do I use it?

SecureDrop relies on Tor anonymity software to send data. You can download and install the Tor browser at

Users are urged to use a public internet connection and a secure computer to download Tor. Then copy this URL into the browser address bar: http://gyq2fh4ajeae2elbylgrymf4oncy6u5qzxrsi6x5eeu7iekhvi3oo5id.onion/

Send your messages, documents or other files from this URL. They are routed to a secure dropbox that OCCRP checks regularly. Currently, the file size is limited to 500 megabytes. If your files are larger, send us a message and we can work out another solution.

You will receive a codename attached to your submission. Use that to log in and check for replies. Keep this somewhere safe. If you lose it, it’s impossible to retrieve.

Want more information? SecureDrop is a service of the Freedom of the Press Foundation. See SecureDrop’s official Source Guide.

Historical addresses

SecureDrop is only reachable through Tor anonymity software. We originally launched with the address http://ramj3wooxklbh4qe.onion/, but in late 2020, we migrated to the new Tor service format, V3.

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