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  • Experts Welcome Amendment to U.S. Whistleblower Bill

    Experts welcomed theamendment that aims to close the loopholes of the 2021 Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Whistleblower Act by expanding the financial incentives to qualified tipsters and including tips on sanctions violations.

  • South Africa Arrests 7 Suspects of Whistleblower Murder

    South African police arrested seven suspects in connection with the murder of a woman who blew the whistle on fraudulent contracts made during the pandemic, the provincincial government of Gauteng announced

  • Whistleblowers Report Death Threats over DRC Bank Fraud Revelation

    Two former employees of a bank based in the Democratic Republic of Congo could face a death sentence after blowing the whistle on the financial institution’s alleged secret networks engaged in money laundering and bypassing international sanctions.

  • US Bill to Offer Rewards for Whistleblowers Exposing Money Laundering

    A new whistleblower rewards program looks set to provide monetary compensation to individuals who help the United States Treasury or Department of Justice in uncovering high-profile cases of money laundering.

  • Husband of Whistleblower Released Following Arrest in Greece

    The husband of a whistleblower who provided evidence of alleged corruption to slain Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia was released on Tuesday, one day after police arrested him following a request from Cyprus' authorities. 

  • Oil Firm Whistleblower Faces Puzzling Extradition to Monaco

    A British national who blew the whistle on the Dutch Oil firm SBM Offshore eight years ago  faces “imminent extradition” to Monaco in what his lawyers call retaliation for exposing a massive bribery and corruption scandal that led to hundreds of millions in fines.  

  • Whistleblower Exposes Cronyism at Trump’s Health Department

    An internationally recognized health expert said he faced a "retaliatory demotion" from the U.S. Health Department (HHS) for voicing criticism of how it was grossly mismanaging billions of dollars that Congress allocated to develop vaccines, drugs, and testing for the coronavirus, according to a whistleblower complaint his attorneys filed on Tuesday.

  • UK Court Grants £8.6m to Gold Refinery Whistleblower

    A corporate auditor has won a lawsuit against a global accounting firm for forcing him out of his job after he allegedly refused to help cover up graft at a gold refinery in the United Arab Emirates.

  • Trump Fires Head of Oversight Committee for Coronavirus Relief Bill

    U.S. President Donald Trump replaced the recently appointed inspector general who was tasked with overseeing the country’s US$2.2 trillion coronavirus relief bill, reports said on Tuesday. Critics argue the move is part of an ongoing effort by the Trump administration to discharge and intimidate anyone who might go against its will. 

  • Court Summons Cambodian Exam Whistleblower

    A student who was accused of defamation for broadcasting claims that Cambodian Ministry of Justice officials took up to US$3 million in bribes to hand out passes in magistrate exams was questioned for a whole day at a Phnom Penh court late last week.

  • Austrian Whistleblower Gets Suspended Sentence for Doping

    Austrian cross-country skier and whistleblower Johannes Dürr got a 15-month suspended sentence for doping after he admitted to “serious sports fraud” related to taking performance-enhancing drugs and helping other athletes to do so also, Agence France-Presse announced.

  • US: IRS Recovers $616 Million Thanks to Whistleblowers

    The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) said that whistleblowers leaking information on tax evaders yielded over US$616 million in lost revenue to the US Treasury office this past fiscal year.

  • Ukraine’s New "Whistleblower Law” Enters Into Force

    A landmark whistleblower protection act Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky signed in October entered into force on Wednesday, Kyiv-based news agencyUNIAN reported. 

  • A Decade After His Death, Magnitsky Beats Russia in European Court

    The European Court ruled on Tuesday that the Russian government violated several articles in the European Convention on Human Rights over the course of its 11-month pre-trial detention and posthumous criminal conviction of Sergei Magnitsky, a Russian tax auditor and government corruption whistleblower, who was found dead on the floor of his small jail cell in northeastern Moscow ten years ago. 

  • Thank a Whistleblower

    When people think of whistleblowers they think of Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden or Daniel Ellsberg.

    Yet whistleblowers seldom gain fame. Most remain anonymous by choice, content to provide investigative reporters with facts and evidence for crucial stories and then simply fade away.

    WhistleWhistle (Photo: Zephryis BY CC 3.0)At some level, almost every journalist’s source is a whistleblower. Million-page document dumps are important, but so is disclosure of one page or even just one fact that a government or oligarch doesn’t want you to know.

    Seldom acknowledged and almost never thanked, insiders who blow the whistle are the unsung heroes of a just society. Without them, corruption would run rampant, public institutions could evade accountability and the rapacious would go unchecked.

  • Australian Whistleblower Could get 161 Years in Prison

    Former Australian Taxation Office (ATO) employee turned whistleblower, Richard Boyle, has been charged with 66 offenses and could face up to 161 years in prison for exposing unethical practices in one of the country’s most powerful government agencies.

  • South Africa: Whistleblower Nabbed for Graft

    The primary whistleblower in South Africa’s state capture inquiry was among seven suspects  who have been charged with corruption, money laundering, and fraud, Business Day, a daily newspaper in South Africa, reported.

  • US Medical Provider Allegedly Defrauded Medicare

    The United States Justice Department is backing a whistleblower complaint against a healthcare services provider that allegedly exaggerated patients’ illnesses to inflate reimbursements from the country’s national health insurance program.

  • Daily Beast: Danske Bank Scandal Whistleblower Allegedly Killed

    In 2006, the first deputy chairman of the Russian Central Bank, Andrei Kozlov, attempted to tell authorities in Estonia about a money-laundering scheme that had been created in the Baltic financial system. Three months later he was dead, age 44, and the scheme would later be revealed as the US$200 billion Danske Bankscandal, according to the Daily Beast.

  • Danske Bank Whistleblower Found to be Bank’s Employee

    The internal whistleblower who warned Danske Bank’s management about huge amounts of money being laundered through the bank was a British executive working in the Danish lender’s Estonian branch, Berlingske reported Wednesday.

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