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  • Sex Trafficking Ring Disbanded in France, Spain

    French and Spanish police dismantled a human trafficking ring that was targeting vulnerable South American women in Europe to force them into prostitution, Europol said in a press release.

  • Spain Arrests Five for Stealing Millions in Cryptocurrency

    The Spanish Civil Guard arrested five people suspected of stealing about six million euro (US$6.67 million) from a Spanish company dedicated to storing the crypto assets of its clients. The theft was made possible when the computer of one of the company’s employees got infected with a virus after he downloaded a movie from a pirate website.

  • Spanish Police Dismantle Criminal Group, Save 19 Women

    After receiving an anonymous email alert, Spanish National Police (Policía Nacional) reported that they arrested 27 suspected members of a criminal group accused of sexual and labor exploitation of women and saved 19 of its victims.

  • Spain Intercepts Vessel Carrying 20 Tons of Hashish

    Spanish police intercepted on Sunday a cargo vessel carrying 20 tons of hashish and arrested its 11-member Syrian crew, according to a statement released on Tuesday.

  • Spanish Police Raid “Narcoflats” in Barcelona

    Police in Barcelona detained several suspects and searched 40 apartments during a massive operation on Monday morning that targeted drug dealers in the city’s Raval neighborhood.

  • Crime Groups Make Migrants Attack Police To Cross into Spain

    Migrants are paying organized crime groups 200 Moroccan dirhams (US$ 21.15) to help them jump over the border fence between Morocco and the Spanish North African cities of Ceuta and Melilla, according to a confidential report by the Spanish Civil Guard and obtained by El Pais on Thursday.

  • Spain: 3 Snagged for Plotting Murder of Rival Gang Leader

    Spanish police nabbed three high-profile members of the Russian mob in the resort town of Marabella Sunday, catching them as they allegedly plotted to consolidate their hold in the region by murdering a rival mafioso.

  • Europol: Police Dismantle Money-Laundering Ring

    Two criminal organizations that laundered an estimated €2.5 million (US$2.9 million) were taken down by the Spanish Civil Guard and the National Police of Colombia, Europol reported Thursday.

  • Theatre of War


    In just a few years, Pierre Konrad Dadak rose from a small-time Parisian fraudster to become a top representative for one of Central Europe’s biggest arms companies. The Spanish police who arrested Dadak believe he is a global arms trafficker, in bed with the French gangsters. His former business partners say his arms deals were fakes, designed to defraud them of money. Either way, high-level connections in his ancestral Poland appear to have protected him.

  • Spain: Video Shows Arrest of Former Kyiv Mayor’s Son

    The Spanish police released a video last week showing the arrest of the son of the former mayor of Kyiv in connection to a multi-million dollar money laundering ring  – contradicting claims by his father that he was free. 

  • Spain: Mass Arrests In Strike Against Georgian Burglary Gang

    Spanish anti-organized crime prosecutors have arrested more than 30 people allegedly connected to a Georgian burglary gang in a major operation that involved hundreds of specialist police officers, including experts from German federal police.

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