• Serbia: Skeletons in the Closet – How Did the Health Minister get an Apartment

    Zemun clan leader Dušan Spasojević (right) shown with hitman Sretko Kalinić (left) ordered a young doctor at the Emergency Clinic in Belgrade to finish off a Montenegrin crime figure who was injured in an assassination attempt.Zemun clan leader Dušan Spasojević (right) shown with hitman Sretko Kalinić (left) ordered a young doctor at the Emergency Clinic in Belgrade to finish off a Montenegrin crime figure who was injured in an assassination attempt.In the late summer of 2002, Montenegrin criminal Veselin Božović looked like a lucky man.

    The mobster from Bijelo Polje had been ambushed by Kalashnikov-carrying members of the rival Rakovac gang in Belgrade while he was driving his black jeep in a three-car convoy. His wife and child, driving in a BMW in the same convoy, were also hit.

  • The Long Trial of the Balkan 'Cocaine King'

    saricsudjenje1Darko Saric at court (photo:KRIK)Balkan drug lord Darko Saric is no stranger to courtrooms in Serbia. Stories on his ongoing trials have been published on the front pages of Serbian news portals for the past few years, catapulting the once-obscure organized crime figure into one of the most talked-about "persons of interest" in Serbia. 

  • Serbia: Belgrade Mayor Connected to Another Offshore Company

    Journalists from the Serbian Crime and Corruption Reporting Network (KRIK) have uncovered yet another offshore company that is connected to Sinisa Mali, the charismatic mayor of Belgrade KRIK earlier linked to shady business deals.

  • OCCRP, RISE & EurActiv Launch Internet Ownership Project

    internet ownershipAs the internet becomes more central to our lives, the question grows more urgent: who owns it? OCCRP, in partnership with RISE Project and, set out to find out in the Internet Ownership Project.

  • Serbia: Government waives debt of Air Serbia to Belgrade airport

    The Serbian government has asked the Belgrade airport to forgive local carrier Air Serbia a debt of more than US$ 22 million, according to the Serbian Crime and Corruption Reporting Netork (KRIK). The debt constitutes all payments owed by the carrier to the airport for a one year period meaning the airline essentially used the airport for free for one year.

  • Reality Show Saves Serbian Drug Trafficker

    kristijan golubovicHe cursed and openly threatened people. He beat them up in front of the whole world. Just out of view he bedded beautiful, young wannabe celebrities. This, he said, was his job and to continue doing this important work he wanted a Serbian court to keep him out of jail even though he had been convicted and sentenced for heroin trafficking.

  • Belgrade Court Acquits Stanko Subotic of Cigarette Smuggling Charges in Final Ruling

    After months of post-poned trials and seven years of litigation, the Belgrade Court of Appeals acquitted controversial businessman Stanko Subotic of cigarette smuggling charges in a final ruling which cannot be appealed by the prosecution.

  • Serbia: Members of International Cocaine Trafficking Group Receive Lengthy Prison Terms

    A Court in Belgrade sentenced the several members of a criminal organization which trafficked millions of dollars worth of cocaine from South America to Europe from 2008 and 2009 to lengthy prison terms today.

  • Montenegro Announces Arms Smuggling Crackdown, Tightens Borders

    Montenegro’s law enforcement agencies have tightened border security in a crackdown on arms smuggling. The move comes in light of a new report released by human rights organization Amnesty International, according to the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN).

  • Serbia: 16 kg High-Purity Heroin Seized at Bulgarian Border

    Two people were arrested Sunday when Serbian police found more than 16 kilograms of heroin hidden in a truck crossing into the country at its border with Bulgaria.

  • Balkan Organized Crime Sets up in Prague

    milan-i-branka-narancicPrague, the post-card perfect capital city of the Czech Republic, has long been hugely popular with tourists. But it’s also very popular with other, less desirable visitors: Balkan organized crime groups.

  • EU Enlargement Report: Western Balkan States Must Tackle Organized Crime and Corruption

    The European Commission (EC) has urged Turkey and Western Balkan governments to tackle organized crime and corruption if they want to meet European Union (EU) membership requirements.

  • A Mayor Helps a Father

    Sinisa MaliSinisa Mali, as the mayor of Belgrade, and a man close to Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, prides himself on being a modern, progressive leader. The American-educated Mali casts himself as a corruption-free family man and a shrewd businessman who advised the government on economic issues. But a look into his business deals shows a very different story. Instead, he helped destroy a once proud Serbian business and left workers poor and a solid company capable of earning foreign trade destitute and in debt. 

  • The Mayor’s Free Land

    A company controlled by Mayor of Belgrade Sinisa Mali and his family obtained more than 10 hectares of agricultural land worth anywhere from €123,000 to € 250,000 (US$140,000 to US$290,000) for free from a privatized state company.

  • The Mayor’s Hidden Property

    sinisa maliSinisa Mali, the powerful mayor of the Serbian capital of Belgrade and a close associate of Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, is the director of two offshore companies that own 19 resort apartments worth about US$ 6.1 million on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, reporters for the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) and KRIK have learned.

  • Chairman of Serbia’s Privatization Agency Is Made Director Despite Alleged Money-Laundering Links

    The chairman of the board of Serbia’s Privatization Agency – revealed by OCCRP partner KRIK to have once signed a deal with an associate of convicted drug lord Darko Saric – has been made director of the agency while it claimed it had checked his background and found no wrongdoing.

  • Serbia: Dragoslav Kosmajac Charged for Land Registry Offense after Drug Probe Fails

    Dragoslav Kosmajac, the man who was accused by the Prime Minister of Serbia of being the country’s most prolific drug dealer before being cleared in a police investigation, has been charged with abuse of power linked to the improper registration of property.

  • Balkan Police Crack Down on 'Police-Badge Forgery Gang'

    Bosnian authorities have arrested three people they suspect of selling different kinds of forged documents, including police badges, to buyers in the region since 2013.

  • Serbia: Long-Awaited Testimonies Heard in Case of Murdered Journalist

    At the latest hearing in the long-awaited trial of suspects in the 1999 murder of Slavko Curuvija, one of Serbia's most prominent opposition journalists, his common-law wife and daughter took the witness stand.

  • New Videos Show Crime Boss Meeting Top Serbian Police

    ivica-dacic-and-radulovicBalkan drug gang boss Rodoljub Radulovic has met nine times with officials of the Serbian Ministry of Police, according to intelligence videos obtained by KRIK.

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