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  • India: Modi’s Anti-Graft or Anti-Opposition Drive Continues

    India’s Government continued its anti-corruption campaign by forcing 22 senior officials - all heads of tax and customs departments - to retire,Indiatoday reported on Monday. The move is seen by the opposition as a political vendetta.

  • Mafia Boss: “The State is Me.”

    ROME, Italy - On a hot night in early July, the southern Italian region of Calabria woke to the roar of helicopters and the wail of police sirens.

    Shrouded in darkness, more than a thousand policemen in full military gear swept the streets of 19 towns on the very toe of Italy’s boot, entering neighborhoods where they seldom go.

    (Photo: Eneas De Troya, CC-BY 2.0)(Photo: Eneas De Troya, CC-BY 2.0)

  • India: Corruption Crackdown Targets Opposition Leaders, Businessmen

    Indian law enforcement officers Tuesday raided the residences and properties of top opposition leaders and businessmen as part of a multi-city crackdown on alleged corruption.


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