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  • India Approves Prosecution of Award-Winning Novelist Under Terrorism Law

    India will be prosecuting award-winning novelist Arundhati Roy for saying 14 years ago that Kashmir has never been part of India. The move is being criticized by the opposition as an “atrocity” and an “abuse of power” by the government of recently re-elected right-wing leader Narendra Modi.

  • India Arrests Opposition Leader for Graft Weeks before Election

    Supporters of opposition leader and Delhi’s chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal, who was detained last week over allegations of corruption, said on Monday that the real reason for the apprehension was Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s fear of him as the only opponent who could defeat him in next month's elections.

  • India Crackdown on Media Criticized by Press Freedom Advocates

    The founder and editor of the English-language outlet NewsClick in India, Prabir Purkayastha, who was arrested last week during a government crackdown on critical media, denied accusations made by prosecutors during a Monday hearing that he was receiving money to spread pro-China propaganda, calling them "bogus."

  • Rights Groups to Screen BBC Documentary on Modi in DC before his Arrival

    Two human rights groups have invited policymakers, journalists and analysts to a screening in Washington of a BBC documentary critical of Narendra Modi just prior to the Indian prime minister’s state visit to the White House next week.

  • India’s Raid of BBC Offices Seen as Attack on Democracy

    After Indian tax authorities concluded what they called “surveys” of the BBC offices in New Delhi and Mumbai last week, journalists and activists are wondering whether it is still possible to speak out in India and call things for what they are.

  • Graft Accusation Against Indian Opposition Leader Sparks Protests Nationwide

    Protests erupted throughout India on Tuesday after the country’s top agency for combating financial crimes detained opposition leader Rahul Gandhi after questioning him and his mother Sonia about embezzlement accusations involving their party’s funds.

  • Press Freedom Group Urges India to Release Journalist

    Press freedom advocates have urged India to immediately release a prominent Muslim journalist and outspoken critic of Prime Minister Narendra Modi over tweets for which authorities claim are promoting religious and ethnic division.

  • Indian Authorities Shutter a Kashmir Newspaper Office

    The regional administration of Indian-administered Kashmir has shut down the office of Kashmir Times, a leading local English-language newspaper. Authorities gave no reason for the actiont, but the publisher believes it was retaliation for the daily’s critical reporting.

  • Kashmir Journalist Charged for Posting her Work on Facebook

    Police in Indian-administrated Kashmir questioned on Tuesday a female photojournalist and accused her of sharing anti-national content on Facebook with the intent to induce the youth.

  • India: Modi’s Anti-Graft or Anti-Opposition Drive Continues

    India’s Government continued its anti-corruption campaign by forcing 22 senior officials - all heads of tax and customs departments - to retire,Indiatoday reported on Monday. The move is seen by the opposition as a political vendetta.

  • Mafia Boss: “The State is Me.”

    ROME, Italy - On a hot night in early July, the southern Italian region of Calabria woke to the roar of helicopters and the wail of police sirens.

    Shrouded in darkness, more than a thousand policemen in full military gear swept the streets of 19 towns on the very toe of Italy’s boot, entering neighborhoods where they seldom go.

    (Photo: Eneas De Troya, CC-BY 2.0)(Photo: Eneas De Troya, CC-BY 2.0)

  • India: Corruption Crackdown Targets Opposition Leaders, Businessmen

    Indian law enforcement officers Tuesday raided the residences and properties of top opposition leaders and businessmen as part of a multi-city crackdown on alleged corruption.

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