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  • The Spy Who Overthrew Macedonia’s Government

    For long-serving spy Gjorgi Lazarevski, a 2010 raid on one of Macedonia’s few remaining independent TV stations was the last straw.

    Gjorgi Lazarevski, a former Macedonian intelligence officer who helped expose a massive wiretapping scheme that brought down the government.  (Credit: Nova TV)Gjorgi Lazarevski, a former Macedonian intelligence officer who helped expose a massive wiretapping scheme that brought down the government. (Credit: Nova TV)

  • Macedonia Court Rejects Wiretap Evidence Against Former PM

    A Macedonian court on Friday rejected a wiretapped conversation as evidence in the trial of 14 people, including former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, OCCRP partner Nova TV reported.

  • Macedonia: Prosecutors Release Indictments from Mass Wiretaps

    A special prosecutor in Macedonia announced on Thursday the first set of indictments stemming from a probe into a massive trove of wiretaps released last year allegedly showing wrongdoing by top officials including former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski.

  • Macedonia: Gruevski Denies Abusing Power at Trial

    Former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski said he did not knock down a rival’s building as he testified in court Friday on charges of abuse of office during his time in office.

  • Macedonia: President Revokes All Controversial Pardons Amid Heightening Tensions

    As protesters painted the main square in Skopje red Monday evening, commemorating the murder of a young man by a police officer five years ago, President Gjorge Ivanov decided to revoke all 56 pardons he issued last month for top politicians and their alleged associates involved in a wiretapping scandal that sparked the long-running political crisis in the country.

  • Macedonia: President Denies Family's Involvement in Panama Papers

    The cabinet of embattled Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov has called on Macedonia's opposition, which has accused the President's family of involvement in the Panama Papers scandal, to publish evidence for these accusations, according to the Independent Balkan News Agency.

  • Macedonia: Special Prosecutor Accuses Former Secret Police Head of Torture

    The former head of Macedonia's secret police and several officers are being investigated over alleged torture during the 2011 arrest of government critic Ljube Boskoski, a former interior minister.

  • Macedonia: President Can Pardon Convicted Electoral Fraudsters, Court Says

    The Constitutional Court in Macedonia struck down a law yesterday which blocked the president from pardoning perpetrators of certain crimes including election fraud, according to the Macedonian media. The decision comes in the midst of an investigation into alleged vote rigging by, among others, members of former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski's cabinet.

  • Macedonia: Special Prosecutor Accuses Top Officials of Election Fraud

    Macedonia's Special Prosecutor's Office has accused a number of high-ranking officials and two former ministers of trying to rig the 2013 local elections.

  • Macedonia: Embattled Macedonian PM to Resign

    Nikola Gruevski, the defiant Prime Minister of Macedonia, who the opposition has accused of a multitude of crimes, has announced his resignation as part of an EU brokered agreement between Macedonia's top political parties. The resignation ends a months long crisis started by allegations that Gruevski systematically ordered wiretaps of political opposition and journalists.

  • Macedonia: Mystery Prosecutor, Big Job

    In a survey published Thursday, Nov. 19, 33 percent of respondents believed that the new special prosecutor appointed to investigate allegations against the Macedonia's political elite will be able to do her job independently and without obstruction – while 28 percent said she won’t.

    New special prosecutor Katica Janeva (pictured) is a woman whose task - to untangle  accusations arising from an incendiary series of leaked 'wiretaps' - is truly great.

    But what do we know about her?

  • Macedonia Names Special Prosecutor for 'Prime Minister Wiretap' Case

    Macedonia's Parliament has named a special prosecutor whose task it will be to investigate claims by the opposition that the government has illegally wiretapped 20,000 of its own citizens.

  • Macedonia: 'Wiretap' Tapes Cannot be Used as Evidence, Court Rules

    An incendiary series of leaked tape recordings that appear to show government corruption in Macedonia cannot be used as evidence in court against officials implicated in the recordings, a judge has ruled.

  • Macedonia's Snap Election: The Tale of Two Skopjes

    MacedoniaAlbania1OCCRP takes a look at the reasons behind recent turmoil in Macedonia.

    Picture the scene. A mass of people sprawl around the base of a stage. Bare-armed, they sit, stand, drink from water bottles in the lazy heat. It's May 19th.

    Young men play soccer at the side of the crowd. A band plays Bob Marley's Redemption Song; as it comes to an end, the audience begins to chant. "Without justice, there is no peace!"

    They demand the resignation of Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, a man accused of corruption – including an allegation that he illegally wiretapped 20,000 of his own citizens.

  • Macedonia: Criminals or Coup?

    Is Macedonia being run by corrupt politicians who are doing terrible, illegal things?

    Or is the beleaguered government fighting off a coup attempt by opposition politicians backed by mysterious foreign spies?

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