• Ecuadorian Army and Police Dispatched to Combat Illegal Mining

    The Ecuadorian government deployed soldiers and police to protect locals and precious resources from organized crime groups that have established themselves in the northern part of the country where illegal mining is flourishing.

  • Death On The Border

    Seven months ago, three employees of the Ecuadorian newspaper El Comercio were abducted in the Mataje River region on the border between Ecuador and Colombia. After almost three weeks in captivity, reporter Javier Ortega, photographer Paul Rivas, and their driver, Efrain Segarra, were executed by the Oliver Sinisterra Front, a group of former FARC guerillas and drug traffickers who operate in this lawless jungle.


  • Odebrecht Case: Ecuador VP Sentenced to Six Years in Prison

    A court sentenced Ecuadoran Vice President Jorge Glas to six years in prison on Wednesday for receiving bribes from Odebrecht—a Brazilian construction company tangled in a high-level corruption scandal—in exchange for government contracts.

  • Ecuador Court Orders Vice President Jailed in Odebrecht Probe

    An Ecuadorean judge on Monday ordered the pre-trial detention of Vice President Jorge Glas while he is under investigation for graft involving Brazilian construction company Odebrecht, Reuters reported.

  • China wants to Fight with Ecuador Against Sea Wildlife Trafficking

    The Chinese government announced Monday it wants to cooperate with Ecuador on the protection of marine life and go after illegal fishing, media reported.

  • Italy Arrests the "Queen of Narcos"

    Dressed in shorts and acting as tourists, agents kept their eyes peeled on the villa in the village of Thiene, near Vicenza, for a whole week, carefully following the moves of the woman who was taking care of the old lady living there.

  • Ecuador’s Massive Cocaine Seizure Hints at Country’s Growing Drug Trade Role

    In just four days, Ecuador seized 3.2 metric tons of cocaine, raising concerns about the country’s growing involvement in transnational drug trafficking and its ability to handle security challenges, Insight Crime reported Wednesday.

  • Former Ecuadorian Officials Charged with Bribery

    In the latest of a series of legal proceedings against former Ecuadorian government officials, the ex-Minister of Transportation and Public Works returned to court Monday to broaden her statement on bribery allegations against her and several other administrators, the Quito newspaper El Comercio reported Monday.


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