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Carousel Fraud

  • Europe’s Prosecutor in Action Against VAT Carousel

    Authorities in Germany arrested four people suspected of forming a criminal organization and evading taxes, which is believed to have resulted in 23 million euro (US$26.57 million) in tax loss in Germany, the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO), said in a statement last week.

  • Spain Losses Millions in a ‘Carousel Fraud’ Case

    In a series of coordinated raids, law enforcement agencies in five EU countries arrested 22 suspected members of an organized crime group that allegedly deprived the Spanish budget of more than 26.5 million euro (US$32,35 million) by misusing the European Union’s VAT rules.

  • Dutch Police Bust Multi-Million Euro Carousel Fraud

    Authorities in The Netherlands have dismantled an alleged criminal syndicate suspected of a complex multi-year, multi-million euro ‘carousel’ VAT-fraud scheme involving the online sale of electronic devices.

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