Australian Federal Police

  • Australian Police Busts a Gang Operating Within its Own Ranks

    The Australian Federal Police (AFP) allegedly busted a “mafia-style” gang which operated within their own ranks and was made of senior officials of the Protective Service who defrauded the police and the army of thousands of dollars.

  • Australia: 2 Arrested after Drugs Discovered in Barbeques

    When Cypriot police in July flagged a suspicious container bound for Sydney, Australian investigators intercepted the shipment and found a huge amount of ecstasy hidden inside aluminum barbeques. It took months of patience until they could make an arrest.

  • Customs Agents Charged in Record-Setting Crystal Meth Bust

    Two customs agents and a man were charged with drug trafficking in what authorities are describing as Australia’s largest-ever seizure of methamphetamine after investigators discovered the drugs hidden inside a shipment of stereo speakers.

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