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  • Protests in Bulgaria Target Government Corruption

    Protests have erupted throughout Bulgaria over the last week after a political leader of an opposition party attempted to access a public beach and was stopped by national authorities who were protecting a nearby mansion of a retired politician. 

  • Poll: American Voters Want to Tackle Corruption

    Cleaning up corruption in American politics was the top priority for a large majority of voters in key 2018 midterm races, according to polling commissioned by the political action committee End Citizens United.

  • Azeri Court Upholds Sentence of Anti-Corruption Blogger

    The Supreme Court of Azerbaijan upheld the two-year prison sentence of an anti-corruption blogger who was convicted of libel after alleging police officers beat him and demanded he stop his anti-corruption advocacy, Radio Free Europe reported earlier this week.

  • Romania: Critics Say New Laws May Worsen Graft

    Amid a wave of opposing anti-corruption and pro-government protests, Romania’s lower house of parliament approved amendments to the country’s criminal procedure that critics argue would make the country more amenable to high-level corruption, Reuters reported Monday.

  • Former Malaysian Official Accused of Barring Fraud Inquiry

    A review panel in the 1MDB corruption case claims Malaysia’s former attorney general blocked an investigation of an alleged transfer of US$10.6 million into an account of the previous prime minister, Reutersreported Tuesday.

  • OCCRP At The Heart of the Global Debate on Corruption

    In forums from London to New York to the San Francisco Bay, the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) is playing a significant role in the global discussion regarding international crime and corruption. Senior representatives from the organization have shared their insights on the sophisticated criminal structures behind illicit financial flows recently as world leaders discussed possible measures to combat corruption.

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