As a Slovenian Tycoon’s Empire Crumbled, His Bank Accounts Swelled

Taxpayers were forced to shoulder some of the burden of salvaging Darko Horvat’s business empire after it collapsed under more than $340 million in...

Crime, Corruption and Coronavirus

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How an Irrepressible Serbian Arms Dealer Found a Conduit to Saudi Arabia through Qatar

He allegedly used a network of secretive trust funds, investigated for money laundering and masking payments for public officials.
23 Oct 2020
Lawrence Marzouk and Stevan Dojčinović

How Semlex and Gunvor Armed the Ivorian Civil War

As Ivory Coast descended into a violent political crisis, Semlex and Gunvor tried to help its pariah regime buy weapons in violation of a U.N. arms embargo. ...
22 Oct 2020
Khadija Sharife, Mark Anderson, Sana Sbouai (OCCRP) and Mathieu Olivier (Jeune Afrique)

Europe's COVID-19 Spending Spree Unmasked

OCCRP and media partners from across Europe collected over 20 billion euros’ worth of COVID-19 contracts and tenders. Explore our data interactive to learn more about what ...
21 Oct 2020
Adriana Homolova and Dada Lyndell

Mr. HispanoPreneur™: The Man Behind Honduras’ $47-Million Coronavirus Disaster

How a self-professed business guru charged $16 million to supply mobile hospitals for COVID-19 patients, then delivered useless equipment — months late.
16 Oct 2020
Joan Suazo (El Pulso) and Daniela Castro (OCCRP)

‘You Don’t Kill a Story by Killing a Journalist’

Three years ago today, Corinne Vella received a call that would forever change her family, her life, and even her homeland, the small Mediterranean island of Malta.
16 Oct 2020
Aida Cerkez

How a Syrian Ambassador’s Friend Made a Million Selling Him an Embassy

The Art Deco-style mansion at 47 Paris Street in Bucharest was never going to be cheap. It measures over a thousand square meters, sits in a prime ...
15 Oct 2020
Ana Poenariu (RISE Project) and Mohammad Bassiki (SIRAJ)




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