Paul Radu Answers Questions on Cross-Border Journalism

Every quarter, members of OCCRP’s Accomplice program submit questions to an OCCRP journalist about one of their investigations. For our first Q&A, Co-Founder Paul...

Crime, Corruption and Coronavirus

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Murder, Drugs and Extortion in Tuscany’s Chinese Underworld

A Chinese gang is using guns, threats, and fear to corner the market for transporting Chinese-made goods in Europe.
30 Jul 2020
Davide Del Monte, Gloria Riva and Stefano Vergine (info.nodes)

OCCRP Concerned by Serbian Government’s Selective Inquiry into Investigative Journalism Outlets and Civil Society Organizations

The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) is concerned by what appears to be a selective inquiry by Serbian authorities into several investigative journalism outlets and ...
30 Jul 2020

The Spoils of Fishrot: Tracking the Property Holdings of Key Figures In Namibia’s Biggest Bribery Scandal

Late last year, the southern African nation of Namibia was rocked by the “Fishrot” scandal, in which officials stood accused of arranging for lucrative fishing rights to ...
24 Jul 2020
Shinovene Immanuel and Tutaleni Pinehas (The Namibian)

Argentina Confronts its Multi-Billion Dollar Offshore Wealth Problem

As Argentina has been renegotiating its US$65 billion debt with foreign creditors, it is also grappling with the fact that up to six times that amount is ...
23 Jul 2020
Eli Moskowitz

Hundreds of Millions Flow From Russian Ministry Into An Obscure Geneva Organization — And Officials’ Pockets

For years the ICDO, a decades-old international organization based in Switzerland, functioned essentially as a front for the Russian government. The organization’s lack of transparency and dependence ...
22 Jul 2020
Olesya Shmagun

A Fishy Business: Shifting Profits Out of Africa

An Icelandic company at the centre of a Namibian bribery scandal may have avoided paying millions in taxes by moving cash — and fish — between countries.
20 Jul 2020
Margot Gibbs (Finance Uncovered)




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