Business Leaders in Serbian Football

FC Partizan – Beograd

Žarko Zečević. Founded many companies in the 90s through FC Partizan. Acted as club leader for 23 years, until late 2007. Told Serbian newspapers he did not want to be a future club owner but that he was sure that next year he will be one of its shareholders.

Danko Đunić. Chairman of Deloitte & Touche in Serbia, president of the Economic Institute of Belgrade, owner of Eki investments and owner of the national TV station Avala. Served as president of Privrednik, an association of Serbia’s most powerful businessmen. Married to Zečević’s sister Pava. Also served as president of Sports Society Partizan, and as vice president in Slobodan Milošević’s government (1997-1998).

Radomir Živanić. Owns Verano motors. Has been a sponsor of FC Partizan the past several years and has told Serbian press that he is very interested in buying the club. According to documents from the Commercial court, Verano Motors, along with FC Partizan, founded VIP RENT-A-CAR in 1997. Verano motors turned over its interests in the company in 2006, leaving it to Partizan.

Dragan Đurić. Owns Zekstra clothing and through Zekstra the Veterinary Medicine Institute of Belgrade. President of FC Partizan since 2008, where he had been a board member for the previous decade.

Nenad Popović. Owns ABS Holding and is a Gazprom lobbyist in Serbia. Former president of FC Partizan (2006-2007).

Dragoljub Vukadinović. Owns Metalac Holding, producer of stainless steel, enamel and non-stick cookware. Member of the boards of FC Partizan and FSS (Football Association of Serbia).

Miroslav Ateljević. Owns ACMER, which is engaged in foreign and domestic trading. Board member of FC Partizan.

Dušan Stupar. Owns Univerzal, which is engaged in foreign and domestic trade and production. Board member of FC Partizan.

FC Red Star – Beograd

Miroslav Mišković. Owns Delta Holding. Listed by Forbes Magazine as one of Serbia’s richest men. Biggest sponsor of Red Star, which his son, Marko, manages.

Aleksandar Vlahović. Owns, with Đunić, Eki investments. President of the Sports Society Red Star (Crvena Zveda) since 2006. Former minister of economy and privatization in Đinđić’s government.

Toplica Spasojević. Founder and director of ITM Group. President, 2007-2008 of FC Red Star.

Dan Tana. Owns the Dan Tana restaurant chain in Hollywood, USA. Serbo-American citizen, now president of FC Red Star.

Filip Cepter. Owner of Zepter International. One of the richest men in Serbia according to the Polish magazine Wprost, he has told Serbian media that he is interesting in buying Red Star.

FC Obilić – Beograd

Svetlana Ražnatović (Ceca). Owned Vizantin, a company that has been the main investor in FC Obilić. Vizantin was liquidated in 2002. Ceca has also invested personally in the club and serves as its president. Currently under investigation for 15 suspicious transfers.

FC Banat – Zrenjanin

Mirko Vučurević. Owns Nivada, a Swiss company that produces watches. Main financer of FC Banat, where his daughter, Vukica, is president. Suspected of cigarette smuggling in Serbia during the 90s, mainly through his company Okrim.

FC Mladost – Apatin

Rade Svilar. Owns Apatin Brewery. Biggest sponsor of FC Mladost and owner of Sport Center Rade Svilar, the club’s home stadium.

FC Sevojno – Sevojno

Zoran Drakulić. Owns East Point Holdings. President of the assembly of FC Sevojno.

FC Rad – Beograd

Ranko Stojić, FIFA licensed agent, owner of Dynamic Agency and the now defunct Pro Agency. Main financier of FC Rad. Under investigation for involvement in one suspicious transfer.

FC Jagodina – Jagodina

Dragan Marković (Palma). Mayor of Jagodina and president of the Party of Serbian Unity. Chairman of FC Jagodina.

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