Miranda Patrucic

Miranda Patrucic

Deputy Editor in Chief, Regional and Central Asia

Based in Sarajevo, Miranda Patrucic is deputy editor in chief for regional stories and Central Asia.

She has worked on investigations that exposed billions in telecom bribes in Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan; uncovered hidden assets of Azerbaijan’s and Montenegro’s ruling elites; revealed a €1.2 billion arms trade between Europe and the Gulf, fueling conflicts in the Middle East; and exposed ties between organized crime, government, and business in Montenegro.

She collaborated with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists on the Panama Papers, as well as projects involving tobacco smuggling and the $4 billion black market in endangered bluefin tuna. She is the recipient of the Knight International Journalism Award, the Global Shining Light Award, the IRE Tom Renner Award, the Daniel Pearl Award, and the European Press Prize. She also trains journalists on how to investigate and uncover corruption and “follow the money.”

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