Hungary: Companies Close to Orban Government Get Stadium Contracts

OCCRP partner Atlatszo reported Wednesday that companies friendly to the government of Prime Minister Viktor Orban have won the lion’s share of contracts to build dozens of football stadiums.

viktor orbinViktor Orban (Photo: Off2riorob, CC BY 2.0)

More than a dozen companies close to the government led by Orban’s Fidesz party have benefited from the 60 billion forint (US$ 210.5 million) spent on the stadiums. 

At the top of the list is Market Zrt, the company of Orban’s close friend Istvan Garancsi, which earned $US 53 million from contracts. 

Second is the construction company ZAEV Zrt, which has benefited to the tune of US$ 43 million. ZAEV is in the process of building four stadiums in Budapest and elsewhere in Hungary.

Atlatszo has documented Orban’s love of football and his desire to see the Hungarian team rise to the top of the ranks. The government aims to build 32 new football stadiums by 2020.