Albanian, Italian Police Share Anti-Mafia Expertise

Top police officials from Albania and Italy met this Monday, Jan. 19, to discuss stepping up coordination in the fight against organized crime.


Meeting of Artan Didi and Della Rocca

Artan Didi, director general of the Albanian police force, met with Italy's deputy director general of the Italian State Police Fulvio Della Rocca and several other officials in Albania’s capital city Tirana, where they discussed "development of joint operations in the fight against organized crime, the capture and extradition of fugitives, and aerial monitoring to prevent the cultivation of narcotics."

This meeting is a part of Pameca IV, the fourth in a series of European Union (EU) programs designed to assist Albania in the areas of law enforcement and security to bring them more closely in line with EU standards. Last June, the EU granted Albania candidate status, citing, among other things, its ongoing efforts to combat organized crime and corruption.

This meeting comes a week after Albanian police arrested 11 in a cocaine bust that involved cooperation with Interpol and German police authorities.