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Russia: Banking on Influence

Russian President Vladimir Putin insists that while the Panama Papers stories published by OCCRP and its partner Novaya Gazeta are correct, they show no corruption or illegal activity on his part. Putin has called the stories a Western plot to destabilize his regime.

Russia: The Cellist and the Lawyer

Banking records obtained by OCCRP show that cellist Sergei Roldugin, Russian President Vladimir Putin's old friend, received money from an offshore company at about the same time it was being used to steal money from the Russian government in the notorious Sergei Magnitsky case.

The Secret Caretaker

Sergey Roldugin isn’t just one of Vladimir Putin's closest friends. He's connected with a group of companies that controlled a significant share of a secret business empire.

Russia: A High Official goes Offshore

The man who was once the deputy director of the body responsible for seeing that daily life ran smoothly for Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin secretly owned an offshore company in Panama for five years.