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Millfield Prep School

United Kingdom

Millfield Prep is one of Britain’s most expensive and prestigious preparatory schools. Some families who send their children here work in London; others are wealthy foreigners attracted by the lure of a first-class UK education.

In September 2011, Millfield received a transfer worth the equivalent of $17,717 from Valemont Properties, a company associated with the Laundromat. The funds were used to pay the school fees of a Russian student whose father, Vadim Zadorozhny, is a businessman and real estate investor who owns a museum of classic cars and tanks near Moscow. Zadorozhny refused to comment on the matter.

The Millfield school said that the payment, made from a UK account, aroused no suspicions at the time, but that the school has “reviewed and strengthened” its money laundering procedures since then.