U.K. Snatches Cocaine Stashed in Banana Pulp

The U.K. Border Force officers have seized more than a tonne of cocaine, estimated at 100 million British pounds (US$133.28 million), hidden amongst a shipment of banana pulp bound for Europe, the U.K. Home Office confirmed to OCCRP Monday.

U.S., Europe Crack Down on Money Laundering

European and U.S. authorities arrested in separate operations hundreds and identified thousands of so-called money mules - people who assist fraudsters by receiving money from victims and forwarding it to the fraud organizers - and their recruiters.

Protests Quashed in Belarus as Reporters Face Serious Charges

Belarus continues to crack down on public dissent following the controversial presidential election this summer, with authorities now starting to bring serious criminal charges against the hundreds of journalists arrested since demonstrations began.

NGOs Call for EU Law Against SLAPPs

A coalition of NGOs is calling on the European Union to protect civil society watchdogs from abusive private legal action designed to frustrate and obstruct their pursuit of public interests.