European “Narco Submarine” Discovered in Spain

Police in five countries arrested 52 suspected members of a creative organized criminal group which hid cocaine in terrarium bedding material, hashish and marijuana inside hydromassage bathtubs and even built its own submarine.

Experts Concerned about Growing Censorship in Russia

Moscow’s lawsuits against five social media giants for not removing calls to join government-banned rallies from their platforms are part of a new wave of censorship in President Vladimir Putin’s Russia, experts said on Wednesday.

Swiss Bank Helped US Citizens Evade Taxes

Rahn+Bodmer Co., the oldest private bank in Zurich, has agreed to pay US$22 million to settle criminal charges in the United States that it helped U.S. clients hide millions of dollars they kept on offshore accounts, enabling them this way to evade paying taxes, the U.S. Department of Justice said in a statement.

France’s Tiger Trade Risks Running Wild

Leading Europe as the nation with the most captive tigers and representing one of the continent’s top illegal tiger trafficking hotspots, France is home to a booming tiger trade, according to an article published Friday.