Report: Attacks Against Indigenous Triples Under Jair Bolsonaro

Brazil’s indigenous protection agency announced “with regret” the death of the last remaining member of an uncontacted Amazon tribe that was decades ago wiped out by land grabbers. Experts say that despite years-long efforts to protect the indigenous people, the problem persists and got worse since President Jair Bolsonaro came to power.

Albania Arrests Fugitive Turkish Crypto CEO

At the request of Ankara, Albanian police arrested the founder of what was once one of Turkey’s biggest cryptocurrency exchanges that turned out to be one of the largest scams in the country’s economic history, the Turkish Interior Ministry announced Tuesday.

Cyberattacks Hit Montenegro’s State Infrastructure

Montenegrin officials have announced on Monday their plan to establish a specialized Cyber Security Agency following a series of cyberattacks which targeted the NATO-member Balkan nation’s government digital infrastructure last week.