Upheavals in Israel’s Anti-Corruption Body Raise Red Flags

A dispute within Israel’s State Comptroller Office over how Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should be able to finance his defense in three ongoing criminal corruption cases has led to resignations and growing concern about the direction of the country’ anti-corruption “watchdog”.  

North Macedonia: Scandal Packed in a Louis Vuitton Bag

A corruption scandal involving a controversial ex-reality star, a businessman, a special prosecutor, and €1.5 million (US$1.68 million) stuffed into a Louis Vuitton bag, is both rocking North Macedonia and bogging down into a political mishmash.

Former Ecuadorian Officials Charged with Bribery

In the latest of a series of legal proceedings against former Ecuadorian government officials, the ex-Minister of Transportation and Public Works returned to court Monday to broaden her statement on bribery allegations against her and several other administrators, the Quito newspaper El Comercio reported Monday.

Colombian General Indicted for Embezzlement

A Supreme Court judge ordered on Monday the detention of a former army commander who was indicted last week for embezzlement and selling gun licenses to one of the most powerful organized crime groups in the country, a cartel that once served Colombia’s best known drug lord, the late Pablo Escobar.

Cartel War Seeks to Control Avocado Trade in Mexico

Bullet-filled bodies of nine people were found early Thursday morning hanging on a bridge decorated with avocado murals in Uruapan, Mexico, photos posted to Twitter showed. Next to the bodies, a white banner hung with a message threatening residents if they helped certain individuals they would end up like the victims on the bridge.