Austria’s Ex-vice Chancellor on Trial for Corruption

Austria’s former vice chancellor and leader of the far-right Freedom Party (FPÖ) went on trial on Tuesday in Vienna for helping change a law in order to accommodate the owner of a private hospital in exchange for a donation to his party and a weekend on the hospital owner’s yacht.

Eight Sent to Prison in Togo’s First Piracy Trial

A court in Togo issued extensive prison sentences to eight maritime pirates on Monday for the attempted hijacking of a tanker ship in May of 2019. It’s the first time that pirates have been tried and sentenced in a country where maritime piracy has been an ongoing serious problem. 

Azeri Couple Surrenders Millions to Settle Money Laundering Case in the UK

An Azerbaijani couple close to Baku’s political elite agreed on Monday to hand over 4 million pounds ($5.5 million) to British authorities and this way settle an inquiry into the origin of their wealth, which is believed to have entered the U.K. through a money laundering system known as the Azerbaijani Laundromat.