Cocaine Found Hidden in Chocolate Candies

After Mexico seized nearly nine tonnes of liquid methamphetamine hidden in tequila bottles this week, Brazil has now caught a French national smuggling eight kilograms of cocaine hidden in chocolate candies at Rio de Janeiro International Airport.

UK Authorities Dismantle Cash Carrier Criminal Ring

A court in the United Kingdom has found four additional members of an organized crime network guilty of transporting large amounts of cash in suitcases from the U.K. to Dubai. The group laundered over 104 million pounds (US$130.65 million) in just a year.

Russia Tightens Criminal Code, Introduces Life Prison for Treason

Russia’s lawmakers further tightened the country’s Criminal Code, introducing even harsher punishments for the remaining Kremlin critics who have either not managed or not wanted to leave the country after it slid further into an autocracy following the invasion of Ukraine in February last year.