Unorganized Crime: Scuba Steve, Girl Scout Graft and Strawberry MDMA

Gold-smugglers’ wigs, horse doping, sweet ecstasy, sentencing for the admiral of a fleet of narco-submarines, and the Girl Scout with her hand in the cookie jar ― welcome to your regular roundup of the weirdest events in corruption and organized crime, from us here at OCCRP’s Daily News team.

Meth Markets Booming in East and Southern Africa

Methamphetamine is taking over illicit markets across East and Southern Africa, as established “Mexican Meth” from Nigeria competes with newer “Pakistani Meth” from Afghanistan for control of the regional drug trade, according to a report released Thursday.

Malaysia Seizes Drugs Worth $1.2 Billion

Malaysian customs officials said on Tuesday that they have seized captagon pills worth US$1.2 billion that were hidden in trolley tires, making it the biggest drug haul ever recorded in the country.

Romanian Court Issues Warrant For Riviera Maya Gang Leader

A Bucharest court issued a warrant on Wednesday for the arrest of Florian Tudor, the alleged chief of the so-called Riviera Maya Gang which stole more than a billion dollars by skimming credit cards belonging mainly to tourists visiting Mexico and withdrawing money from their accounts.