US Pharma Company Pays $97 Million to Settle Kickback Accusations

Gilead Sciences Inc., a California-based pharmaceutical company, is set to pay US$97 million to resolve allegations that it used a charity to pay the Medicare co-pays for one of its own drugs. The company said it had no intention to violate the law and does not believe it did.

UN Panel: The Global Financial System Needs Urgent Reform

The international financial system needs urgent reforms, as currently it enables illicit money flows and tax abuse, a high-level panel assembled by the United Nations concluded on Thursday, suggesting that tackling this issue is the world's best chance of improving its sustainable development goals.

US Sentences First Tax Evader Revealed in Panama Papers

A judge in the Southern District of New York sentenced a former U.S. resident to four years in prison on Monday, making him the first taxpayer in the United States to be incarcerated for crimes revealed in the Panama Papers investigation.