UK: Jury Finds Unaoil’s ex Managers Guilty of Bribery

Two former managers of the Monaco-based energy consultancy Unaoil have bribed Iraqi authorities to secure favorable contracts in the war-torn country, a UK court established in a process that was marred by accusations against the head of the UK Serious Fraud Office of having been vulnerable to flattery from an Unaoil agent.

Protests in Bulgaria Target Government Corruption

Protests have erupted throughout Bulgaria over the last week after a political leader of an opposition party attempted to access a public beach and was stopped by national authorities who were protecting a nearby mansion of a retired politician. 

Romania Charges 16 over Washed-up Drugs

When packages of cocaine started washing up on the beaches of the Black Sea last year, it made headlines around the world. Romanian police swiftly scrambled hundreds of officers in what they said was an unprecedented search for the seaborne drugs.

South Korea’s Court Reduces Ex-President’s Graft Sentence

Following a retrial, a high court in Seoul reduced the sentence of South Korea’s former President Park Geun-hye to 20 years in prison in the latest development of a corruption scandal that led to her impeachment in 2017, the state-owned South Korean press agency Yonhap reported.