UK Police Dismantles Dark Web Drug Ring

British authorities said they have seized drugs worth 4.3 million pounds (nearly US$6 million) from suspected members of a criminal network that sold MDMA, commonly known as ecstasy, amphetamines and other narcotics on the dark web.

EU Accuses China of Harassing Foreign Journalists

After two more foreign correspondents were forced to leave China, the European Union has accused Beijing of harassing foreign journalists and urged the country to ensure the freedom of speech and media.

'Criminals and Terrorists': Framing Mozambique's Insurgency

A report released Monday alleges that Mozambique’s Islamist insurgency funds its “terrorist” activities through involvement in a range of criminal economies, including illegal timber, gemstone, wildlife and drug trafficking - these claims are contested, however, by several experts.

Unorganized Crime: Phantom Cows and the YouTube Mafioso

Lego larceny, cattle scams, Real Housewives of fraud and money laundering, and the fugitive Italian gangster busted after showcasing his culinary skills on YouTube ― OCCRP’s Daily News team here, bringing you this week’s oddities in corruption and organized crime.

US Authorities Seize Fake Pfizer Websites

U.S. authorities have seized four domains that purported to be the legitimate websites of Pfizer Inc., and where criminals advertised fake vaccine information and stock options to collect personal information from visitors.

Report: State Capture Worsens in Albania

The Albanian state is increasingly being captured by a corrupt nexus of public officials, private sector actors and members of the judiciary in order to exploit public assets for private gain, concludes a report published on Wednesday.