EU Blacklists Cameroon Over Illegal Fishing

The European Commission has banned the import of seafood from Cameroon to the European Union, punishing the country for its lack of action against illegal fishing. The ban will stay in effect until Cameroon complies with the EU’s Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing regulation.

Spain Nabs Europe-Africa Electronic Waste Smugglers

Spanish authorities have dismantled a criminal network that was using forged papers to ship hazardous electronic waste from the Canary Islands to West Africa - an area that has in recent years been increasingly abused as a dumpsite for toxic materials from Europe.

Mexican Police Kills Crime Boss after Mass Prison Break

While trying to recapture him, Mexican police killed early Thursday morning the leader of a criminal group only days after he and other inmates escaped from prison when members of his gang stormed the facility on January 1, leaving 17 people dead.

Colorado Funeral-Home Owners Sentenced for Selling Corpses

A United States court sentenced a former Colorado funeral home owner and her mother for secretly selling parts or full corpses of hundreds of dead people to body brokers while assuring the families of the deceased that their loved ones were cremated.