Global Operation Targets Money Mules

Police in 26 countries have arrested 1,013 individuals suspected of having moved money derived from illegal activities in exchange for petty cash. This marks the largest international operation targeting so-called money mules, the European Union's law enforcement agency, Europol, said on Monday.

Sharif's Legal Twist: High Court to Review Second Graft Conviction

The Islamabad High Court will review former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s second corruption conviction on Thursday, following its reversal of the first conviction last week. Another acquittal would remove all obstacles on his path to running for elections next February and becoming Pakistan’s prime minister for the fourth time.

Wave of Journalist Arrests Continues in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijani police on Thursday arrested journalist Nargiz Absalamova of Abzas Media, on charges of smuggling foreign currency. The arrest comes amidst the new crackdown in the country on independent media funded by U.S. and EU organizations.

Report: Rise of Women in Mexican Criminal Groups

Not paying enough attention to women's issues, Mexican society has increasingly pushed them to seek refuge and power in illicit groups in the country, the non-profit International Crisis Group (ICG) stated in its latest report on Monday.

Chilean Navy Busts Salmon Thieves Gang

The Chilean Navy stated on Monday that it has dismantled a criminal group responsible for stealing salmon from farms and transporting it to the southern part of the country, where it was distributed to clients nationwide.