UK Steps Up Efforts to Counter Mercenary Threats

The United Kingdom is intensifying its efforts to counter threats from private military companies (PMCs), notably the infamous Wagner group associated with the late Russian oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin, and is establishing a cross-government taskforce that will collaborate with international partners.

Venezuelan Authorities Regain Control of Third Prison Amid Controversy

Venezuelan authorities claim to have regained control over the third prison in the country that was seized by a criminal group. However, a non-governmental organization alleges that this was accomplished through an agreement with gang leaders who were permitted to leave the premises, along with their cows.

Rescue of 700 Trafficking Victims Spurs Probe into Philippine Police

The Philippine Government has initiated an inquiry into its own police force following a significant operation targeting an online gaming firm that led to the rescue of over 700 victims of forced labor and human trafficking. Government officials believe it would not have been possible to operate such a business without the police's knowledge.

Chicago Police Oath Keepers Affiliation Sparks Calls for Changes

Chicago officials have okayed an independent review of the police force after an investigation brought to light the affiliation of several Chicago police officers with the radical Oath Keepers. The revelation has triggered renewed calls for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to adopt an explicit policy prohibiting membership in extremist groups.

Nigeria Wins Multi-Billion-Dollar Gas Dispute Appeal

In a London court ruling last week, Nigeria emerged victorious in a lawsuit against an Irish-founded company, which was accused of bribing Nigerian officials to secure a gas processing contract. As a result, the company had no grounds to seek compensation for the ill-fated project.