Trouble in Toronto: Tow-Trucking Turf War

Canadian police have brought over 200 criminal charges against employees at several tow truck companies allegedly locked in a deadly war across the Greater Toronto area.

Montenegrin Crime Boss Shot in Ukraine, Suspects Arrested

After a short but dramatic chase, Ukrainian authorities arrested on Wednesday four men for having tried to kill the alleged boss of a Montenegrin criminal clan that has been involved in a bloody war with a rival gang over control of cocaine smuggling from South America.

US Arts and Crafts Store sues Christie’s for Selling Stolen Artifact

After having paid massive fines and having returned thousands of questionably acquired antiquities, Hobby Lobby, a US based arts and crafts chain which heavily funded the Museum of the Bible in Washington DC, is now suing Christie’s for the US$1.6 million they had paid for a 3,500 years-old cuneiform tablet from Iraq that turned out to have been stolen.

NGOs Decry Death Sentences Against Yemen Journalists

More than 150 non-governmental organizations have spoken out against death sentences handed down last month by a Houthi rebel court in Yemen to four journalists whose reporting the Houthis see as espionage and treason. 

Roaming Gangs Exploit Conflict in Nigeria

Organized criminal activity like kidnapping and armed robbery has “exploded” in northern Nigeria, amid resurging jihadist activity and a deadly conflict between the country’s cattle herders and farmers.