UN Rapporteur: Swiss Banking Laws Curtail Free Speech

A Swiss parliament committee will discuss on Thursday a provision of the country’s controversial banking secrecy law that has effectively muzzled journalists and whistleblowers from revealing that war criminals, drug traffickers, their money launderers and other criminals keep their ill-gotten funds in Swiss banks.

Ex Prosecutor: Graft and Rule of Law Failures in Greece are an EU Problem

Greece’s former chief anti-corruption prosecutor who ended up being prosecuted after investigating the biggest corruption scandal in her country’s history told the European Parliament that the legal backlash against her and journalists who investigated the Novartis bribery case is not just a Greek problem.

Canada Set to Give Russian Assets to Ukrainian Victims

In a busy week, the Canadian government levied sanctions against 203 individuals loyal to President Vladimir Putin and his war, proposed a new legislation to allocate frozen Russian assets to victims in Ukraine, and unanimously declared that the war itself amounts to genocide against the Ukrainian people.