US Charges Canadian Said To Be The ‘Voice’ Behind ISIS

A Canadian citizen who allegedly gave voice to the media and propaganda efforts of the Islamic State (ISIS) was charged by U.S. federal prosecutors on Saturday for conspiring to support the terrorist organization’s crimes against humanity.

Report: Targeted Killings Define African Politics and Crime

Assassinations have long been part of criminal and often even political economies in east and the south of Africa, but according to a new report by a Swiss-based independent civil-society organization, they are decreasing now after a long period of rising rates in Kenya, Mozambique and South Africa.

Police in Europe Pounce on Balkan Drug Cartel

Law enforcement agencies from eight countries in Europe arrested 61 suspects and seized more than four tons of cocaine, as well as money and luxury vehicles during last week’s crackdown on a Balkan drug cartel suspected of running the continent’s largest cocaine trafficking network.