Belarus: New Wave of Repression Against Political Critics

The European Union strongly condemned on Thursday the recent surge of repression against former political prisoners and the relatives of political prisoners in Belarus, where over 100 people have been detained in the past few days.

Kyrgyzstan: Ex-customs Official Matraimov Wanted by Authorities

Kyrgyzstan has placed a corrupt former customs official, believed to have siphoned millions out of the country, on a wanted list following temporary detentions, deals with the judiciary and money laundering charges, the Kyrgyz RFE/RL outlet Azattyk was told by the Interior Ministry.

Colombian Former Prison Director Confesses to Crimes Inside Walls

A former prison director in Colombia confessed on Tuesday to having known about but having not done anything about the crimes committed by inmates, including extortions, murders, and the bodies of killed prisoners being buried in tunnels, dissolved in acid, or allegedly even cooked and turned into burgers and sausages.

Former Colombian Detective Accused of Infiltrating Supreme Court of Justice

Colombian prosecutors have charged a former detective from the country’s now dismantled security service with stealing money from her department and using it to pay bribes to employees of the Supreme Court in exchange for information about cases related to links between paramilitaries and public officials.

US Court Revives Mexico’s Lawsuit Against Gun Producers

A Boston appeals court revived Mexico's US$10 billion lawsuit against the U.S. arms industry on Monday, allowing the country to continue trying to hold gun producers responsible for facilitating the trafficking of their products to Mexico, thereby supplying drug cartels and other organized crime groups with weapons.

Azerbaijan Detains 10 Journalists in Pre Election Media Freedom Crackdown

The Azerbaijani government has detained 10 journalists since November, accusing them of offenses such as smuggling foreign currency, hooliganism, or building a house without a permit. International press freedom watchdogs have deemed these charges "fabricated" and part of Baku's ongoing crackdown on media freedom.