Russian Regime Targets Human Rights Group, Nobel Laureate

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s regime continues to persecute those who dare to protest or condemn Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, including prominent Russian people and organizations, even those laurelled with the Nobel Prize.

Dominican Republic Detains Ex-Ministers; Opposition Protests

Dominican anti-corruption prosecutors requested on Monday a year and half of preventive detention for three former ministers and other suspects who were apprehended over the weekend for allegedly stealing over US$340 million from taxpayers. The opposition claims the arrests were politically motivated, rather than part of an anti-corruption campaign.

UN: Global Cocaine Market at an All-Time High

Global cocaine production has reached record levels, more than doubling since 2014, as cocaine consumption surged in new markets in Africa and Asia and traffickers decentralized their networks to avoid seizures, says the latest report by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).