EU Action Needed to Save Hungary’s Freedom of the Press, HRW Says

Hungary’s freedom of the press has been under direct fire since Prime Minister Viktor Orban came into power in 2010, from obstructing the press in its pursuit of media pluralism, to hostile surveillance and smear campaigns against journalists, human rights and press freedom advocates said.

Turkish Cypriot Authorities Arrest 4 in Fake Diploma Scandal

Turkish Cypriot police have arrested three university officials and a senior civil servant as part of a fake diploma and fraud investigation aimed at tackling widespread corruption in the education sector in the Turkish Cypriot northern third of the divided Mediterranean island.

Kyrgyzstan Court Shuts Down OCCRP Member Center Kloop

A Bishkek court ordered late on Friday the Public Foundation Kloop Media, which operates Kyrgyzstan’s leading investigative journalism outlet Kloop, to be liquidated for not having a journalism license and for upsetting the population with its reports about corruption in the country.

US Charges 70 NY Housing Authority Employees with Bribery

U.S. authorities arrested 66 of the 70 current and former employees of the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) who have been charged with bribery and extortion this week. This marks one of the largest public corruption busts in the history of the country's Department of Justice (DOJ).