Israel: Investigators Probe Likud Officials

Israeli police launched last week an investigation into senior campaign officials in the ruling Likud party for allegedly harassing a state witness in a corruption case against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Times of Israel reported Sunday.

Mexican Judge Orders Release of 27 Cartel Suspects

A federal judge ordered on Thursday the release of 27 people, saying they were illegally arrested and evidence against them was fabricated. Police believed the individuals were members of a drug cartel.

Pakistan: Ex PM Nawaz Sharif Granted Bail

A Pakistani court granted bail to jailed former PM Nawaz Sharif on medical grounds Friday, his lawyer told media. 

Sharif, 69, was ousted from his post in July 2017 for lying about his wealth after the Panama Papers leaks, which showed he and his family had undeclared businesses in Saudi Arabia and luxurious apartments in London.

Ex-Head of Philippines Police Faces Drug Charges

The man who was until last week in charge of Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte’s infamous war on drugs is now being accused of having resold the confiscated drugs along with a dozen colleagues, the BBC reported this week.