Canada Dismantles Major Money Laundering Network

Royal Canadian Mounted Police arrested 17 people in connection with an international money laundering scheme, seizing vast quantities of drugs and cash, in an early morning raid on Monday. Three other members of the network remain at large, said the RCMP.

Myanmar: Six Jade Hunters Killed in Cliff Collapse

Six so-called jade scavengers died Sunday after a 150-foot cliff wall collapsed at a mine in Myanmar’s northern Kachin state, where local insurgents are fighting a war against government forces that is partly financed by the jade industry.

Mexico: Second Journalist Murder of 2019

Jesus Eugenio Ramos Rodriguez has become the second journalist to be murdered in Mexico so far this year, after he was shot while having breakfast on Saturday morning.

US Alleged to have Backed Guatemala’s Corruption Coverup

When Guatemala expelled a UN-backed anti-corruption commission in early January, the US issued only a vague statement that did not even mention the commission. US media outlets, including Foreign Policy magazine, are now claiming that the US Republican party was working behind the scenes to undermine the commission prior to the incident.