Lithuanian Tied to Money Laundering Funds Kremlin’s Church

A company owned by a Lithuanian businessman who allegedly was part of a network that laundered money looted by the dictator of Equatorial Guinea has donated funds for the construction of the third highest church in Russia that will serve as the principal temple of Russia’s armed forces.

Report: Low Trust in Judiciary in Post-Soviet Georgia

In the twenty years since the small, post-Soviet nation of Georgia joined the Council of Europe, and thirty years since Soviet troops violently suppressed civilian protests there, the country has made significant progress towards democracy, but continues to require improvement in areas such as constitutional reforms, human rights and respect of the rule of law.

Romania Warned as Government Tries to Save Dragnea

With Romania’s Social Democrats once again threatening to undermine the country’s legal system through emergency ordinance, the US and a slew of European nations issued an international warning to the country to beware its eroding rule of law.

Belarus Police Raids Office of OCCRP partner Belsat

Police confiscated several computers and hard drives during Tuesday’s raid of the Minsk office of Belsat, a Polish television channel covering Belarus, in what authorities describe as a libel case investigation.