“Seduce and Rob” Scheme Busted in Italy

Italian police busted a criminal group that made girls working as housekeepers seduce elderly men and siphon from them money that was then sent to Romania, the European Union’s law enforcement agency Europol said in a statement.

Rhino Poaching on the Rise in South Africa

Poachers have since January killed 106 rhinos in the South African KwaZulu-Natal province, surpassing numbers for the whole of 2021, claims a poaching report partially released last week.

Taliban Orders Female TV Presenters to Cover Their Face

The Taliban have forced all female TV presenters in Afghanistan to cover their faces while on air, as part of their radical restrictions of female rights that have drawn criticism from the women and from human rights advocates.

German Allianz Pays $6B to Settle Fraud-Scandal in the US

The German financial services conglomerate Allianz agreed to pay US$6 billion to settle with the U.S. banking authority accusations of fraud within its U.S. asset management unit in connection with the $11 billion collapse of the conglomerate's Structured Alpha funds.

Honduras to Extradite Suspected MS-13 Leader

A Honduran court approved the extradition of an MS-13 leader to the United States, where he could face a life sentence if convicted on racketeering, murders and other violent crimes in the Washington metropolitan area.

Proposed Law Could Make Iran a Hub for Illegal Antiquities Trade

Strapped for funds under the weight of U.S. sanctions, lawmakers in Iran are pondering a new bill which proposed treating the country’s rich material heritage as a potential cash cow, but experts warned this would make Iran a hub for the illegal antiquities trade across the Middle East and Central Asia.

Dutch Police Arrest Three Linked to ATM Bombing Spree

Dutch police, with support from Europol and German authorities, reported Thursday the arrest of three alleged members of a criminal gang responsible for a bombing spree of multiple ATMs and the theft of almost one million euros.