Brazil: 23 Dead in Police Operation in Rio

At least 23 people were killed during a police raid of a neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, where authorities assumed members of a gang called Comando Vermelho, or Red Command, were holding a meeting.

UK Information Rights Regulator Fines US Face Recognition Developer

A U.K. office in charge of protecting information rights has fined a facial recognition company from the United States for exploiting photos of individuals in the U.K. and elsewhere to construct without their consent a worldwide online database that could potentially be used to monitor people or sold to other companies.

Glencore Settles Bribery Charges in the US, UK, Brazil

The Swiss commodity trading and mining giant Glencore pleaded guilty on Tuesday to multiple counts of bribery and market manipulation and agreed to pay penalties of up to US$1.1 billion following U.S., U.K. and Brazilian corruption allegations.