Pakistan Arrests Ex President’s Sister for Corruption

The sister of former Pakistani president Asif Ali Zardari was arrested Friday on corruption charges relating to an investigation into fake bank accounts and money laundering, according to the Nation.

Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Asif Ali Zadari (US Department of State)Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Asif Ali Zadari (US Department of State)Faryal Talpur will be confined to her residence for nine days in Islamabad, according to statements made during Talpur’s Saturday court appearance.

"I leave my case to Allah," Talpur told media after coming out from the court. "My arrest was purely made on political grounds."

NAB, an anti-graft watchdog, has announced a new policy where women facing corruption investigations are to be confined at home, declared a sub-jail, under monitoring of stay-in female officers.

NAB authorities have been investigating various cases alleging Talpur and Zardari of using fake bank accounts to launder money. Zardari was arrested earlier in the week.

The Islamabad High Court allowed the NAB to arrest Zardari and Talpur with the right to appeal the order in the country's supreme court.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Pakistan People’s Party chairman, said in a press conference on Friday

that the arrests of his father and his aunt were masterminded by the government.

"The government is using blackmailing tactics to pressure the institutions,” he said. “Arrests were made on the presentation of budget days to divert the attention of the people on the government's failure to fix the economic crisis."