Serbian Journalist Found, Details On Disappearance Elusive

Serbian journalist Stefan Cvetkovic, who was reported missing on June 13 and was found two days later, said he will request an international investigation into what he claims was his abduction. Police, however, say his claims are false.  

Stefan-Cvetković -1024x480Stefan Cvetkovic ( President Aleksandar Vucic announced on Friday that Cvetkovic was found without any injuries. He said the journalist “is being questioned by the police” and that “he will stay there for a while and he has a lot to explain.” 

Cvetkovic changed his story multiple times and the police report did not match any of his accounts.

This raised suspicions about Cvetkovic’s kidnapping from the police as well as the media, such as the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN).

The police department in the northern Serbian town of Pancevo filed a criminal complaint to the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office in Vrsac against Cvetkovic on suspicion that he falsely reported his abduction and detention. 

Cvetkovic, however, has demanded an international investigation. 

On Tuesday, he showed reporters the clothes he allegedly wore during the abduction, including a plastic bag with what he claimed was the cloth or hood his kidnappers made him wear.

“I will give this to a foreign embassy because I intend to request an international investigation, primarily for the safety of journalists,” Cvetkovic said, adding that someone will have to explain the discrepancies that appeared in the reports about what had happened. 

He said he will hand over all the evidence to the Russian embassy and possibly German institutions as well.