U.S.: Dozens Arrested in Crackdown on “United Blood Nation” Gang

U.S. authorities arrested Thursday dozens of suspected members of a gang tied to multiple serious crimes and seized their weapons, drugs, credit card making machines and other items.

130702-M-5160M-833Law enforcement raid (Photo: John M. McCall)
Prosecutors have indicted 83 people suspected of being leaders and members of the "United Blood Nation" gang (UBN or Bloods) on charges related to racketeering, murder, violent assault, narcotics distribution, firearms possession, robbery and bank and wire fraud.

Of the 83 people charged, 27 are already in jail and 10 are still at large.

The criminal syndicate is accused of committing at least six murders and five attempted murders in North Carolina.

Prosecutors said the suspects killed robbery victims, rival gang members and members of their own gang during inner disputes.

During simultaneous raids in North Carolina, Florida, South Carolina, New York and Virginia, police seized 36 guns, various drugs, counterfeit checks, credit cards and gift cards as well as credit card making devices.

According to the Department of Justice, "the Bloods" is a well-known criminal organization formed in the 1970s in Los Angeles and has up to 15,000 members along the east coast.