Moldova: Police Chief Took Bribe from ‘Drug Trafficker’, Says Russian Report

Published: 14 October 2015


Oleg Pruteanu aka Oleg Borman


A Moldovan police chief took a bribe of US$ 250,000 from an international drug trafficker, according a confidential document sent by Russian authorities to Moldova’s General Inspectorate of Police.

The document, obtained and published by OCCRP partner RISE Moldova on Monday, does not reveal the name of the Moldovan policeman.

But Russian officers mentioned the name of an alleged drug trafficker who they said paid the bribe in return for operational information from Moldovan police: Oleg Pruteanu, also known as Oleg Borman.

The Russian communiqué sought the cooperation of Moldovan authorities in their investigation into alleged drug smuggling by Borman.

Borman was born in Moldova but now reportedly lives in Spain, from where he allegedly coordinates a cross-border network trafficking drugs from North Africa and Western Europe to Moldova and the Russian Federation.

The document, sent in July, says: "The head of the criminal group which specializes in trafficking drugs from EU countries to the Russian Federation to sell, Oleg Pruteanu (alias Oleg Borman) […] paid US$ 250,000 to one of the heads of the Interior Ministry for obtaining operational information about himself.”

It also states: “In addition, he intends to pay the same amount to obtain the identity of informers/persons who provide information to police about his criminal activity.”

Borman’s brother has reportedly been arrested in Portugal on suspicion of drug-related offenses.

By Olga Ceaglei of RISE Moldova, in Chisinau