Bosnia and Herzegovina: Suspected Drug Traffickers Plead Not Guilty

Published: 07 September 2015

The suspects being arrested

By Igor Spaic

Two men, suspected by Bosnian prosecutors of international drug trafficking, pleaded not guilty in court on Friday.

According to an indictment, Montenegrin nationals Radivoje Lucic and Dragan Jovovic are accused of organizing a criminal group that trafficked heroin and cannabis into Bosnia and Herzegovina from November 2014 until their arrest in April this year.

Official sources did not give an estimate on what quantity of drugs they believed the suspects imported into the country during this period.

The two were arrested in the eastern municipality of Gacko on April 30 as part of an international police operation dubbed “Diamond”. Four of their alleged associates were arrested in Montenegro the same day.

Police reported that they found 255 grams of heroin in the car that the two allegedy used to import drugs.

The operation in Montenegro, which saw the arrest of four suspects, included police raids of ten locations where police said theyfound 80 grams of heroin and “a large amount of firearms and ammunition”.