Croatia: Record Heroin Seizure at Serbia Border

Published: 08 April 2015

Bajakovo border crossing

By Igor Spaic

Croatian authorities seized more than 140 kilos of heroin at a Croatia-Serbia border crossing on Monday.

It was reported that, during regular border checks, Croatian border police noticed a van that appeared to be under a suspiciously heavy load given that it only contained two occupants – a 46-year-old Turkish national and a 26-year-old German, both of whose names have not been officially released.

The van, which had German license plates, was searched. Police found hidden compartments underneath the seats containing 261 packages of heroin. The drugs are believed to have been destined for western European countries.

Police estimate the value of the seized drugs to about US$ 6 million, which they say is the biggest seizure at this border crossing in the 10 years since it was opened for use.

The two alleged smugglers were arrested, and on Wednesday the Municipal Court in Osijek decided to detain them while the investigation continued.

Officials believe that the two are part of a drug trafficking group that has been smuggling and distributing drugs in Germany, Bulgaria and other European countries.

According to the 2015 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report, issued by the United States Department of State, Croatia is primarily a transit country for drugs, particularily marijuana and heroin, produced in south-west Asia to be distributed in western Europe.