Armenia: Authorities Claim Largest Drug Seizure of the Year

Published: 05 December 2013


More than eight kilograms of illegal drugs have been seized by Armenian authorities, reports Hetq.

According to Hetq, Vahram Gurokhlyan, from the State Revenue Committee said that employees at Zvartnots Airport in Yerevan foiled two attempted drug shipments.DEA_mar_loose

They first intercepted the delivery of 5.5 kilograms of marijuana from Armenia to Canada. After this bust, they discovered another shipment from the same Iranian citizen. The second attempted shipment contained 3 kilograms of marijuana.

Authorities say that this was the largest drug shipment intercepted by Armenian officials this year.

Two years ago, Armenian authorities foiled the transport of 11 kilograms of drugs which were being transported into Armenia at the Meghri border, a crossing point between Iran and Armenia. This was the largest drug bust by authorities in Armenian history, according to Hetq.