Two Arrested in Kosovo Drug Bust

Published: 13 June 2013


The Department of Counter Narcotics arrested two ethnic Albanians after raiding a flat in the northern Kosovo town of Mitrovica Tuesday.

10 Minuta reports that the 25-and 36-year-old men, who were not identified, were charged with possession and distribution of various drugs. Authorities have yet to release names of the suspects.

The suspects were caught with 151 grams of marijuana, found hanging in a nylon bag on the bathroom door. Electronic scales believed to be used for measuring, and €1,090 in cash were also collected at the seizure. According to Kosovo Police spokesperson Besim Hoti, there is reasonable suspicion that the cash came from the sale of narcotics.

The suspects were jailed for 48 hours and evidence against them is to be presented in a Mitrovica court.