Serbia: Dačić Admits Meeting With Alleged Trafficker

Published: 05 February 2013


Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dačić has admitted to meeting on several occasions with Rodoljub Radulovič, a man wanted for links to organized drug smuggling, but said he was unaware at the time that Radulović had any links to organized crime.

The admission came via the Interior Minister at a press conference held one day after the Serbian newspaper “Informer” printed a story on Dačić’s meetings with Radulovič. The article stated the two men met at least twice, in November and December 2008, and quoted police as confirming links between Dačić and Radulovič.

Dačić, who was serving as Minister of Police in 2008, told reporters that the police did not conduct counter-intelligence on his behalf when he was police minister, and that he was unaware of the criminal activities of some of the with whom he met. He maintained that he was unaware of any links between Radulovič and the drug trafficking organization operated by Darko Šarić.

The Serbian Special Prosecutor for Organized Crime charged Radulovič for alleged involvement in the trafficking of 1.8 tons of South American cocaine to Europe.

OCCRP, in conjunction with the Center for Investigative Reporting (CINS), published a series of articles five months prior to the indictment detailing links between Šarić and Radulovič, and highlighting their roles as leaders of a transnational drug smuggling operation. The investigation indicated that international police and intelligence services had been monitoring Šarič and Radulovič since 2008.

The investigation by OCCRP and CINS showed that in addition to smuggling, Radulovič, who lived in Florida for a number of years, made millions manipulating the U.S. stock market. He fled America in 2000, leaving behind $15 million in debts and a string of lawsuits.

Warrants for Radulovič are outstanding in Greece, the United States and Argentina, as well as Serbia; he remains at large.