Russian Billionaire Mocks FBI’s Raid of His US Homes

Published: 26 October 2021


Oleg Deripaska by Michael Wuertenberg; Flickr (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

By Henry Pope

After the FBI raided his Washington D.C. and New York homes last week, a Russian oligarch whom the U.S. Treasury’s blacklisted for supporting President Vladimir Putin’s actions in Ukraine and Syria as well as the destabilization of Western democracies, lashed out at Washington, accusing it of treating Russia as a boogeyman and scapegoat.


   Oleg Deripaska saw his U.S. homes searched in what the FBI said was a “court-authorized law enforcement activity,” according to the Financial Times. Reportedly, the U.S. domestic intelligence and security service refused to comment further on the raids.

Deripaska, however, responded with a tirade on Telegram, mocking the law enforcement agency’s efforts as a waste of time to no one’s benefit.

“Did they find a load of Putin’s money in those abandoned homes,” Deripaska wrote. “Did they manage to refresh themselves with some sour jam from the pantries and a couple of bottles of vodka?”

Deripaska also accused the FBI of acting prejudicially against Russians, whom he believes are made out as boogeymen by the U.S. government and media. 

“I never cease to be amazed at the transcendental stupidity of a part of the American establishment,” that “continues persistently to spin this tale about the allegedly colossal role of Russians in the U.S. presidential elections in 2016,” the Russian oligarch argued in his post.

Deripaska was alluding to Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential election victory over Hillary Clinton, which was overshadowed by accusations that Russia helped Trump win.

In 2018, the U.S. Department of the Treasury sanctioned Deripaska and six other Russian oligarchs for their role in supporting the Russian annexation of Crimea, for contributing to the destabilization of the Syrian government, and for attempts to subvert Western democracies.

The Treasury argued that Deripaska had boosted Russia’s energy sector, of which he has a vested interest in, along with its metals and financial services industries.

A 2020 U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee report also listed Deripaska as a proxy for the Russian state and its intelligence services, according to Bloomberg.

The Russian billionaire’s businesses took a dramatic hit as a result of the sanctions. The value of his London-listed holding company, EN+, fell 22 per cent, according to the Financial Times.

His stock market shares in Rusal, one of the world’s largest aluminum producers, which is controlled by EN+, also fell by 18 per cent on the Moscow exchange.

"I'm tired of these unfunny assholes..." Deripaska concluded in his post.