Uzbek Prosecutor-General Gets 10 Years for Corruption

Published: 27 June 2019

Rashid Qodirov (Uzbekistan Prosecutor's Office CC BY 1.0)Rashid Qodirov (Uzbekistan Prosecutor's Office CC BY 1.0)

By Samuel Trilling

The Tashkent City Court sentenced former Prosecutor-General of Uzbekistan Rashid Qodirov to 10 years in prison on Thursday for extortion, financial fraud, obstruction of justice, money laundering, and more, according to Radio Liberty.

Qodirov was fired from his position as prosecutor-general in April 2015. A source told Ozodlik in 2015 that his dismissal could be due to allegations against his son Alisher Qodirov, who operates retail luxury stores and a healthcare supply firm in Uzbekistan. Alisher Qodirov is suspected of using his father’s influence to force out competition and get state contracts. 

However, a month later, Rashid Qodirov was reassigned as judge at the Constitutional Court. 

In February 2018 he was suddenly arrested on corruption charges and his trial began in January. Human rights organizations voiced concern over allegations of torture and ill-treatment of Qodirov and other defendants linked to his case.

The other 12 co-defendants were sentenced for related crimes with variations in jail-time of up to 19 years.

The Qodirov family owns significant real estate properties in Latvia, according to the country’s registrars. Independent media estimate the family has amassed US$1.5 billion in wealth during  Rashid Qodirov’s 15 years in office.

Qodirov was prosecutor at the time the corruption scandal involving late president Islam Karimov’s daughter Gulnara broke out. Karimova was later given 10 years in prison but her sentence was decreased to five years of house arrest.